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The Best SEO Strategy

There are many SEO strategies and methods used to rank a website. They range from blackhat methods to white hat methods. With the myriad of strategies found online, it can get pretty confusing. And often times, the information are contradicting each other. In this short article, I hope to share with you what I have found to be the best practice and methods that worked out for me and rank websites.

On Page SEO

On page SEO are factors that are on the website itself. THe following are what you need to look out for when optimising your website for SEO. If possible, setup your website in such a way so that your url contains your on pagekeyword or some variation of it. EMDs(exact match domains) and Semi EMDs still work today. Next you want to ensure that all your titles and headings contain your keyword or a variation of it. Afterwhich, ensure that your content contains your keywords and variations of it. Keep your keyword density to less than 5%. Have outbound links to authority websites. This would allow Google to have more trust in your website. Interlinking between your webpages within your website is also a good way to boost your SEO. The structure of your website is another factor that would contribute towards SEO. The more organised your website is, the better for both Google and your visitor. Having pictures and video on your website would boost the retention rate of your website and hence reduce the bounce rate. Your website loadtime is another determining factor for SEO. Needless to say, given all things equal the faster your website load time, the better the ranking. Check out for more information on on page SEO.

Off Page SEO

A website is deemed as authoritative by Google based on the quantity and quality of backlinks. It is best to find backlinks that come from authoritative sites. If you are able to guest write a post or article for high off pageauthority blogs or websites, the link back from them would be beneficial towards your SEO efforts. And of course if you have more of these links, the better. However be careful about having a large quantity of poor quality backlinks going to your website. Google would see this and penalise your website. Avoid automatic linking tools as these would do harm to your website. Watch this video by Singapore seo company for a visual explanation on On page and off page seo.

Great Engaging Content

Last but not least, without great content, putting in so much effort to do SEO just to rank for the sake of ranking would be a waste. The power of SEO is to bring your content-marketingwebsite to page 1 of Google. However if you take the effort to get your website to page 1 and visitors click through and see that your content is rubbish, they would leave the website right away. This is what you want to prevent from happening. You don’t want the visitor to find your website, look at it and leave within a short time as this would affect bounce rate, which Google is looking at. So bottom line, have great content that visitors can read and would want to stay on your website and come back for more.


Having a good SEO to rank your website is half the story. The other half of the story must be completed by great content and easy to navigate website interface. If you are a business in Singapore, using these SEO strategies would definitely boost your business and help you stand out and position yourself from the noise and clutter of competition. Find a great SEO singapore company to help you boost your website rankings. If you have not checked out this seo video in Singapore, do so to learn more about seo.

Types of Locksmith

Many Types of locksmith exist in Singapore. There are car, residential, commercial locksmiths. The main job of the locksmith is not just to help you get into your locked out home or office. There are other important roles that these Singapore professionals can offer. They include a wide range of services both in a public or a private setting, and in residential and commercial setting. Before we proceed, remember to always choose a reliable and trustworthy Singapore locksmiths.

locksmithsTypes of Singapore Locksmith service

These helpful services include activities such as repairing of locks, changing the locks, and installation of peepholes on the doors. The locksmiths also have the capacity to install locks with a high security system.  Residential locksmiths specifically deal with services that pertain to homes as well as public premises. There are many other Singapore locksmiths in the market apart from the discussed residential ones.

Car locksmiths is another niche. In case, one has lost their car keys, and they need replacement or to enter their cars, the most appropriate kind of locksmith to call is an auto locksmith.  These professionals can present you with the car keys within a very short time, and guarantee you quality service as they have the right experience and necessary tools to handle the job.  They can go as far as crafting a new car key, which can really save you a lot of trouble.

forensic locksmithForensic locksmiths on the other hand are quite rare. They work with  investigation units, and therefore anyone who needs to work with them should first consult an insurance investigator, a police officer, a licensed crime investigator, and other authorized parties.


Singapore locksmith prices are relatively affordable and cheap. One should not choose a locksmith Singapore cheap price at the expense of quality. Choose one that is reliable and trustworthy.

Secure Your Future with Gold

One Direction of Gold

Financial experts are predicting that the prices of gold will rise to as high as $10,000 per ounce. This is a good report for those who intends to use gold ira investing. But whichever the case, the prices of gold will always be up in the long term. This is especially so if people continue buying and selling of precious metal in the same way. The demand of gold will set a specific tone for the prices.

However, history has also shown that gold can be volatile in the short term. In the long term basis it has shown that gold holds its value well and that is why it is the best protection against inflation and fluctuation power of paper money.

Advantages of Gold backed ira

What are the advantages of gold in Roth IRA plan or gold backed ira? Perhaps, this is the best way to acquire physical gold, with a physical gold ira. The greatest advantage of this plan is that there is no storage. It is therefore the safest way to invest in gold without any worry. The transportation and its storage are catered for; so you shouldn’t worry about its safety.

Now is the time for people to invest in gold IRA and get all the benefits accrued to it. It is an investment that you do not expect losses or poor income. It is very ideal for those who want to plan their future well and have secure financial future. The benefits are greater than investing in paper money which are affected by inflation and other factors that affect global economy. Think about it and make a positive conclusive decision about starting a gold IRA. It is a prudent way to prepare and enjoy your retirement. So back up gold in ira today

Risks Associated With Plastic Surgery

There is no single medical procedure that does not bring a long some form of risks here and there. Plastic surgery is no exception. Regardless of the high success rate, plastic surgery in Singapore poses several risks to the health of the patient. Some of these complications are minor while others are life threatening.  Maybe you have been scared by horrific media stories of about a cosmetic surgery that failed. Do not be moved by such stories; most of which are purely mere gossip.

Even though Singapore has high medical standards, there is still risk when having plastic surgery done here. Explained below are the possible  risks that a patient who intends to undergo plastic surgery might be exposed to.


Necrosis is the death of cells in a tissue or organ. In plastic surgery, necrosis results from the surgical manipulation, where the skin is broken, nerves are cut and muscles are dissect. Notably, smokers are at higher risks of suffering from this complication than non smokers.


This one is a sensational disorder. General symptoms of paresthesia include pricking of the skin and temporary numbness. This risk is common after breast enhancement surgery.


This is common among patients suffering from hypertension. It is characterized by an unusual deposit of a semisolid mass of blood in the tissues. A facelift procedure is associated with this clotting of blood.

Hypertrophic scars

Scars are regarded as hypertrophic when they become red, thick and huge. What top Singapore plastic surgeons do is to cut these hypertrophic scars so that the ones that emerge will be less visible. Physicians usually examine and monitor previous scars as a way of knowing how the skin of the patient is likely to recover.

Injuries to the nervous system

When nerves are damaged, muscles become paralyzed. Patients who undergo a type cosmetic surgery that involves stretching or cutting of nerves are likely to suffer from this complication. Consequently, the sensation and motor function in that area is lost or weakened.


Infection following a surgery can be fungal, viral or bacterial. Bacteria might enter the human body even during liposuction. Such cases are prevalent where unsterilized tools are used or due to insufficient medical professionalism.



This effect mainly affects the eyes of the patient. It is characterized by sagging of the upper eyelids. During cosmetic surgery, injections of Botox and Blepharoplasty have a side effect, whereby they lower the eyelids. Such a complication can inadvertently compromise the vision of a patient.


During the surgery, mild bleeding is common. The bleeding is at times experienced even after the cosmetic surgery. If the situation gets out of hand, a patient can loose his or her life. More than often, follow up checks are recommended so as to address such issues and rectify where necessary.


Loss of life is the most dreaded side effect of a plastic surgery. Mind you, a procedure as simple as liposuction has lead to the death of a patient. Nevertheless, cases of death connected to plastic surgery seldom happen.

Individuals suffering from certain health conditions are not good candidates for plastic surgery here in Singapore. For instance, a diabetic patient is not supposed to go for a cosmetic operation as it could be a call for further surgery.


Before you head to a Singapore aesthetic clinic, understand the risks involved in going for a surgery. Once you have decided, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss and ensure that your doubts and concerns are addressed.